High end's "Lost" lights?

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I've been looking around the net, and through HE's support pages, and I've come across a few lights that are supposedly HE, but I can't find anything about them in the support pages. I'm not necessarily considering purchasing them, as I'm not sure they'd fill my needs, but I'm still very curious, if anyone knows anything about these?

The first of these is the Technoray, saw it for sale somewhere. The base looks like the technobeam, though with no mirror. On these forums I saw mention of the technopro. What are these? They sound quite interesting.

The second is the Trackspot QT. Seen these too for sale around, but there's no mention of them in the manual. they look identical, whats the difference between these and the normal Trackspots?

I'd also like to know what others High End has seemed to not really shown much past of. I personally find it quite interesting to learn of what is sort of from the past, even if it is somewhat forgotten.



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    From what i remember:

    The Technopro was (is) a color only fixture for installs.
    The Technoray was (is) a Technobeam without mirror and a few different gobos/effects

    And you are right, these are not to easily found in the support pages. Manuals and information is to be found from the scroll down menu "Choose a product", under discontinued products.

    Trackspot "QT" is what they where named after the introduction of the Philips QT 8500.

    Hope this helps and i assume there are lots of users that can give you the deep details :)
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    Sure, the manuals would be pretty cool!
    May I post them for other users to download, whom may be interested in those manuals as well?

    Also, here's another light that says it's High End, but it certainly doesn't look like it's the High End "Style" with its blue casing; http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270734348111&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
    (The Power Scan 150H. Not trying to advertise, that's just the only place I seen it).
    That one too isn't shown in the support pages.

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    That Power Scan fixture was part of the Power series.

    The Power line was OEM'd from another manufacturer, along with the Power Cue console.
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    Ccw_Rnz wrote: »
    That one too isn't shown in the support pages.

    Actually there is info for all HES fixtures past & present in the support pages.......from the dropdown menu scroll all the way down to the "Discontinued" header to find more.

    Hope this helps. :)
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