hog2 and JB Lighting A7 Zoom

opz-14opz-14 Registered User
Hi there,
i am searching for a Hog 2 Library for the LED Movinghead from JB called A7 Zoom. I have looked already on the support pages on jb-lighting.de and the whole hog 2 fixture libraries. But i could not find it.
Some help would be really nice.
Thank you very much.


  • guessiguessi Registered User
    edited July 2011
    in case you have not found yet, or someone else is looking for this fixture:


    the MAC301 is the same fixture, in fact it is built by JB lighting
    this fixture file will need mode "S8", standard 8bit
    and just to be clear: it works for the A4 (smaller brother) as well
  • opz-14opz-14 Registered User
    edited July 2011
    thank you very much.
    i created one on my own, with the libgenerator by dennis hessberger
    if anybody else needs the file, feel free to contact me.
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