Next + Back and 3.1.9

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Hi All, I have just upgraded our 3 RHFBs at work to 3.1.9, urm i know there was a bug fix for the next+back crash bug in this revision. But i noticed on 3.1.9 that the next+back function to select all fixtures in a group or whatever is no longer working.. Just wondering if this is a new issue or if you removed this function (which is by the way one of my favs) to fix the problem?? pleeeeease put it back..

Cheers Benny and friends..


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    I am not seeing the issue with next+back. Can you give me a precise keystroke example of how you are using it so I can determine which case we are failing in?
  • ACCPIG3ACCPIG3 Registered User
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    Will have another look today when i get into work, maybe a restart will fix the issue i was having yesterday whilst programming. I was using next to highlight through the fixtures in a group, hit next+back at the same time to highlight the whole group but it would not highlight the whole group.. I will see what today brings, and let you know..

    It's the first time i have used the consoles in 3.1.9.

  • ACCPIG3ACCPIG3 Registered User
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    Well what ever problem I had yesterday with next+back went away today.. cheers, benny..
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