CMY and Colour Wheel Effect Issue with CP Alpha Profile 1500

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I'm not sure where to place this thread, please move if necessary.

In under two weeks I'll be doing a show with a few Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500s and today I was do some pre-programming for the show. I was creating an effect where the fixture switches between CMY colour mixing and the dichroic colour wheel. I achieved this by using a Mark-on table on both the CMY (Cyan & Magenta only) and the Colour Wheel. Firstly I made the fixture switch from Blue (CW) with CMY open, to Blue (CMY) and open colour wheel and this worked perfectly.

The issue is when I select either the Pink or Red colours from the wheel, no matter what Size percentage I make the effect it will never switch to Open, it always switches to another colour on the wheel. The effect works fine with the following colour wheel colours: Blue, Orange, Aquamarine and Deep Green.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,



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    Any chance of getting this issue addressed? Thanks,
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