Macbook Pro - Hog2PC - Set Key?

Vegas82Vegas82 Registered User

In our venue we have a Hog1000. I am trying to build my own effects via Hog2PC.

My problem is that my only computer is a Macbook Pro. It doesn´t feature a numlock key.

Is there a way I can set the offset in the Hog2PC effects engine?

It would be great if somebody could help me!

P.S. Great Forum- great community!


  • erockerock Registered User
    edited March 2011

    You should be able to click "Set" on the on-screen keyboard on your screen.

  • Vegas82Vegas82 Registered User
    edited March 2011
    I´m able to press set on the on screen keyboard (hogpc).
    But I want to click and hold the set button and then turn the a wheel (eg. to fan).

    As far as I know in windows the shortcut for the set button is the numlock key.
    I dont have that key (it´s a laptop keyboard).

    And there is no special mapping to trigger numlock with a macbook keyboard.

    So any idea how to do a workaround?

  • SfeerPeerSfeerPeer Registered User
    edited March 2011
    Might work if you hook up an extra usb-keyboard ( maybe you'll have to select that in the prefs), but I haven't tried it myself
  • Vegas82Vegas82 Registered User
    edited March 2011
    Had to use an extrernal usb keyboard in the end.
    Thanx for your help!!!
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