Attaching timings to palettes

JTrinnamanJTrinnaman Registered User
Been attempting to attach timings such as delays to my palettes, mostly for use in live playback. Is there an easy way to put timings into palettes so when the palette is executed, the timings will affect it? Fanned movements and color wipes are the kind of things I would like to put into palettes...


can I apply fade times on the fly to pre-existing palettes? such as some functions on lesser consoles...


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited March 2011

    You can "Mask" timing values into your palettes by selecting USE T and USE X (where X is the parameter type) from the record toolbar at the time of recording your cues.

    Also you can use "Fade Changes" to have the programmer fade palette selections in the current parameter time in the programmer.

    You can find more on all this in the user manual / on-line help. Just look for Masking and Fade Changes.
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