Axon Back up solution

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I am please to announce that the below method worked for me, creating a swappable back up drive for an axon should you experience a mechanical failure. This also is a work around for the file size limits for larger content archives.

**NOTE** this method is not supported by HES and you are doing so at your own risk.

Program: Acronis True Image Home 2010

select: tools and utilities > clone disc
choose clone mode : manual
set source disc (only the larger partition "Axon Data" will show up)
set destination disc ( new same model segate 750gig 7200rpm format NTFS on one partition)
confirm: OK ( dialogue RE wiping all data off the destination disc)
choose data method: "As is" (size of partitions will not be changed)

This will then show you a before and after graph of the drive.
select: proceed.
Wait 2.5 hours
after a successful clone procedure.
exit the program and shut down the computer.

Your discs can now be removed and put into use.

***NOTE***The disc is proprietary to the machine it was cloned from and will ONLY work in that machine.
***Warning***Make absolute certain that you are selecting the correct source and destination discs before proceeding with the clone.
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