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Hi, recently we adquired three upgrade packages to our Axons that consist in:
- Motherboard Asus P5Q-E
- Graphic Card HD4800
- Wintv-HDR 1850 (tv-card)
The three are assembled and two of them have been updated to the version and are working fine (till now), but the other wen i trie to update software give me a mensage:

''Upgrade operation encountered a error
Failed to copy upgrade image to destination server.
Error: Exception of type 'HighEndDL2Tools.FileLockedException' was trown.''

I try to update from usb and from cd. I already reimage to Xpe 3.3.0 and before that it always that error.



  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    This is a very odd and rare error to encounter. What hardware configuration did you have before changing the motherboard, video card, etc?

    After changing all the hardware, did you then try to re-image the harddrive? The error sounds like one where you put the old drive back in with the new hardware and trying to do an upgrade without having re-imaged the drive to allow it to recognize and install drivers for the new hardware.
  • Bruno30.09Bruno30.09 Registered User
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    It was original a 76CA***** prefix model:

    Motherboard Intel D915GUXLK
    Graphic ATI X1900XTX

    And i've already re-image the new hardware 2 times and try, without sucess re-image to an older image (2.1.0).
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    A couple questions as I'm a bit confused here. Is there error you are getting when trying to update the software package using the .axo file after having done a re-image or are you getting this error right away after the re-image?

    You should be using XPE 3.3.0 as it has the drivers to support the hardware you are using.

    Where did you purchase the hardware upgrade from?

    What all hardware did you receive? Going from the 915 board to the P5Q-E, then you would need to replace the following at a minimum:

    Power Supply
    Video Card

    I would also suggest contacting our Support Dept directly as they can probably work through this much faster over the phone.
  • Bruno30.09Bruno30.09 Registered User
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    The packagge came from HE, the motherboard came with RAM and CPU, and like i said before also get new videos cards. And power suply also came new ones.
    I do the re-image and the axon works OK. when i trie to update using the .axo file is when i get the error.
    I will contact the Support, I just Posted in Forum hoping that someone got this problem and can help me with some simple solution.

  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Support is your best option. It may require sending out new HDD as the original ones were only 80GB (and much slower than the current drives). You might want to check and make sure your drive is not completely full with custom content too. There needs to be some space free for the upgrade files.
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