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Howdy all,

in a bit of a stick and hoping one of you hog gurus can help me out

Basically i am trying to run my Road Hog Full Boar via artnet to a hippotizer V3 Critter

Being the critter it is a smaller version of the V3 and does not have a direct DMX in, therefore must be run via Artnet.

I am totally inexperience in running hog Ethernet systems, and to be honest reading the manual made my confusion worse.

Anyone done this? or have any tips/tricks for me



  • Abbe RPM Digital LightingAbbe RPM Digital Lighting Registered User
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    I think the HOG is the lightingsystem that you require the least possible knowledge about ArtNet to have it working.

    Just open a new show, patch the Hippo from one on DMX one and make sure they both have IP Adresses in the same range and it should work.

    Give that a try and then ask again :)

    Good luck
  • jhillenkotterjhillenkotter Registered User
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    I thought I would also add some useful information to your questions.

    Here's a little guide:

    Connect console (Fixture-Link) and Hippo with a network cable.

    On the console:
    - Patch the Critter (1x Master + 4x Layer)
    - Make sure your Fixture-Link Adapter is set up correctly
    (i.e. IP Address, Netmask

    On the Critter:
    - Go to the Network Adapter settings of your Critter and make sure
    they are the same range (i.e., Subnet
    - Open the DMX Component in Zookeeper and make sure it's set to
    Art-Net and that Subnet and Universe settings matches the settings
    in the console (Art-Net Outputs)
    - If the Hippo sees the Art-Net you will see the status and data
    package info in the DMX component window, sometimes the Hippo and/or
    console needs a restart

    Tip: There's a custom Hippo wheelset which you can import. You can find
    it under Setup, Preferences, Import)

    I hope this helps. If you need more detailed information to any of the steps
    please contact me directly at

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