Fader Idea

ahelgorahelgor Registered User
Thi has probably been suggested in some way.

Controlling Cuelists´s levels on playbackbars that does not have a physical wing connected to it.
-I´d like a function similiar to gm button, but with choose buttons. So if you press a choose button, one of the wheels will be mapped to the "fader" level.
That way we can control fader levels on cuelists on playbackbars without the actual wing.

-This has always been a bit of a hassle when working with backup consoles where you not nessesarily have the same anount of wings for you backup console.(this will be an even more important feature when tracking backup/failover will be launched, since many will use a laptop running H3pc as a backup. And the need to be able to adjust faderlevels that you dont fave a physical fader for will grow.


  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    edited February 2011
    Would it possible to have a virtual miniwing? So if you have a USB wing connected to the main console you can adjust levels on the backup/tracking console?

    +1,i rarely have a second USB wing available but always a use a backup so agreed.
  • pitarpitar Registered User
    edited February 2011
    By the way
    I use a Laptop with touchscreen for backup console
    Panasonic toughbook, so i can use a pen or finger for the levels
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