v3.1.8 - ELO driver support on RHFB

worendsworends Registered User
Does the latest RHFB software release (3.1.8) include driver support for ELO APR technology? We bought an ELO 1928L APR touchmonitor to use with Hog 3PC, which worked great, and have since upgraded to a RHFB. ELO has released an XPE combined driver on their website. If this driver isn't in the current release, can it be add to a future release?

Driver link:
See the Windows XP Embedded section - ELO_XPE_5.2.0b.zip

APR description:



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited February 2011

    The ELO drivers have not been updated and do not currently support APR technology. We will look at this for the future...
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