Dead Roadhog?

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I have recently purchased a new roadhog. I unpacked it and used it for an hour or so, did a software update and all was well. I shut it down and put it back in its flightcase. Today (a week later) I powered up the roadhog, the screens flash on to show they have power and the fans power up but there is no image on either screen and no lights on the roadhog other than the blue side lights on the front. I plugged in a usb keyboard but there is no power to this either.

After speaking to HES it was suggested it was either a loose connection or a dead mother board.

Has anyone heard of this problem before?

Any advise would be great.

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  • SfeerPeerSfeerPeer Registered User
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    if it's that new: just kick it back to the reseller and let him do the maths, "aftersales-service".....
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    This happened to my new RoadHog too. Zach told me that sometimes in transit, the memory chips or the video controller shift and become loosely connected. He suggested opening the "hood" of the RoadHog and pressing on the video card connector and the memory chips. I did as he instructed and one of the memory chips was indeed loose and snapped into place when I pressed on it. Closed the hood and powered it up and it has worked fine ever since.
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