Buddying and Repeat as parameters

technicktechnick Registered User

I know this is probably not possible but am curious to see how many people agree.

I would quite like repeat and buddying to become effect parameters.

ie they would be adjustable with the wheels and would also therefore be recalculated without having to remake effect.

As a second request would it be possible to have a short cut to various preset fanned offsets. - most usually for colour or intensity effects

I'm thinking of 90,180,270,360. or 120,240,360. etc..

I tend to have to use programmer set to display offsets to find these values.


Nick Malbon


  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited January 2011
    About offset, I asked some time ago to enter "[0] [thru] [Enter]" in effect offset cell (for example offset cell in Magenta line in effect windows) or in encoder toolbar and the offset of each selected fixture would be automatically calculated. I think it had been added to requests list.
    If it's not already done, we could had that this function could use grouping and buddying.
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