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chadlchadl Registered User
I'm starting to look into buying a tablet and was wondering if someone from High End can tell me/us if there is going to be an android app.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited January 2011
    Hi Chad,

    At this point it is difficult to say for sure as we are currently a bit delayed on our iphone/ipad app. Probably at some point, but I have no timeline at all for an android app.
  • Electric-MayhemElectric-Mayhem Registered User
    edited March 2011
    I just got a Viewsonic Gtablet, and it would be the perfect Remote Focus Unit. Tegra 2 Dual Core, 10" Screen, and only $379-400. Main downside is that the stock software sucks, but a quick flash of a new ROM and its a very smooth and powerfull little tablet. Its also being developed by the leading opensource "enthusiast" developer, CyanogenMod, and will eventually have support for the Tablet specific Android OS variant.

    Not sure how much Java stuff is integrated into the Hog 3 software, but it might actually be easier to develop an APP for Android rather then Apple iOS.
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