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procellaprocella Registered User
I am reading repeatedly about HOG 4 as a new potentional grey eminence popping out still more and more from the darkness into the light.
I have the question on HES staff, although I know they won`t answer on full,but they could partially > > >
how they plan to push forward their existing flagship HOG 3 along with the new model? How do they think about H 3 and H 4 software compactibility ?
Do they have prepared solutions for already existing H 3 users, who do not plan to buy latest toy,how they might do hardware upgrade of their existing consoles? For example, by purchasing of special wing (assumed in case, their philosophy is based on modular system) , for example, execute buttons wing, or say "projection wing" ?
I wonder, because this could be a challenge also for us, who see still big potential and - as many times spoken here out - a lot of headroom in existing software development?


  • totolitestotolites Registered User
    edited January 2011
    Yes I´m totally agree with you,but one of the main issues its that w3 its not even finished yet "0S" and it will be unfair for all the people that uses w3 and specially for the hog owners....they got to keep options not all the people has the budget to renew their sytems,...:dunno:
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