Nebula Haze Fluid

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Anyone have a source for Nebula Haze Fluid? I'm down to less than a bottle left. The unit is still in working condition, and we would really like to keep using it.

Thanks in advance!


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    i have a couple bottles, and my nebula is in pieces... not sure if i want to get rid of them or not, as I may eventually fix it (got a source for nebulizer stems? i have a broken one).

    I spoke a while back with the guys at Froggy's Fog about making a copy fluid. I believe it's something like 70-80% Tri-Ethylene Glycol and the rest DI water. The person I talked to a Froggy's (Adam Pogue) said he could make it, but that he doesn't normally use TEG because of it's odor.

    From an article on glycol concentrations, I found:

    "High End Systems has modified its fog fluid formulas to make them
    produce a longer-lasting effect while using less fluid. "If you can
    make a machine that uses the slower-evaporating glycols in a better way,
    then perhaps you don't need to put as much in the air for the same level of
    haze," explains High End Systems' vice president of engineering Mike
    Wood. "That was the intent [with the Nebula]." The Nebula machine
    made a fine haze of triethylene glycol or PEG 200, two glycols that
    evaporate very slowly. In contrast, propylene glycol, another popular
    component of fog fluids, "evaporates almost immediately, so you have to
    keep pumping it out there to keep anything going at all," says

    So with that information, froggy's was going to make some for me... then my nebula broke...

    Hope this helps...

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    Our local distributor found some well as a timer remote dust covered in the back corner. We're set for now, but will probably need to either find more or get a new unit.
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