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Just joined the forums, running 12 DL3's on a Disney on Ice show.

Running 10.6.5 on a Macbook Pro, servers show up but will not allow software upgrade, won't allow access to any fixture settings, WILL allow you to view what content is on the fixtures but won't allow you to do anything else. Software upload fails mounting, trying to create a content archive creates the DMX table then fails, creates a 4kb file on desktop but doesn't give error message. This occurs in both the release and the beta version of MacCMA.

Of note, I have a modbook (Macbook tablet) that's running the same OS release as well as both release and beta versions of MacCMA that does allow me to adjust settings however it will not upload software or create a content archive. We do have a PC that thus far has been functional but it won't create a content archive either, although I believe this may be due to a corrupt piece of content as it fails at the same point every attempt despite playing fine during the show. I'm looking to get CMA up and running on both the PC and Mac so that I have options. Our laptops have been designated for double duty to try and save money so I'd like to at least be able to use my personal computer so I'm not having to track down the video laptop all the time. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Also, any plans for an iPhone/iPad version of CMA? Obviously content manipulation wouldn't be viable but being able to manipulate projector settings would be nice. Thanks.


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    Content "Archiving" has never worked with anything more than a few MB of custom not try is a known issue.

    Mac CMA is still BETA for many reasons.....use PC whenever possible (even a Mac running Windows is better than OSx version). There will always be some functionality lacking in the Mac version simply b/c of how they handle files vs PC.

    When upgrading software make sure that the version of CMA software that you are running is equal to or greater than the version of the software you are trying to upload to the DLs. (ie - upgrade the CMA software FIRST....fixture software SECOND).

    Hope this helps. :)
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    The main issues with the MacCMA are unfortunately caused by Apple and OSX. When Snowleopard came out, Apple broke a lot of things related to SMB file sharing between Mac and Windows computers. This is exactly the situation the MacCMA deals with since the DL/Axon servers run Windows XP Embedded.

    There are known work arounds for the issue that I have done quite a bit of reading about on various Apple forums, but unfortunately the way our software works does not lend itself to any of these workarounds.

    Each time a new update for Mac OSX has been coming out I have been testing the MacCMA for the various issues, but unfortunately they haven't gotten it all straightened out. The fact that Apple has a history of breaking large chunks of functionality with large software releases (and seemingly no qualms about doing it) has been one of many reasons that having a fully functioning, completely up to date MacCMA has been extremely difficult.
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    That's unfortunate. MacCMA is next to useless to me currently and it doesn't sound like Apple is making it any easier. Guess it's time to spend some money on a netbook. I'm still curious why it will function on my modbook but not my Macbook Pro although I guess the differing hardware would play a part. Thanks for the help.
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