Cuelist of Effects using ICPB Fader

Juay0004Juay0004 Registered User
I'm relatively new to the Hog3 system.
Was exploring a RHFB and trying to find a way to set the console up disco lightings.
My intentions was to have faders holding cuelists that contain effects for different type of parameters eg. one cuelist of several intensity effects, one cuelist of pan tilt effects, one cuelist of colour.
Using ICPB fader mode i was able to control the fade in/out of the effects.
However I ran into this scenario that after i fade our a color effect and press GO for my color effect cuelist, the next effect snaps in even though my fader is not up.
I wish to be able to fade out a effect and use GO to choose the effect that I intend to use from the cuelist and fade it in. Is that possible?


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