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I am currently working on an event where I am controlling a media server via ArtNet from a Road Hog Full Boar. The media server is being used to pixel map some LED fixtures. The media server spits out ArtNet which I am converting to DMX with a Pathport DMX Manager. This scenario works well and I am even able to swap control of my LED fixtures between the media server and the RHFB by using a priority channel.

Now I want to control more lights on other universes from the media server. I am able to map as many lights as I want but I am out of outputs on the Pathport to allow me to send to fixtures on other universes. Is the DP-8000 able to take in ArtNet and spit it out as DMX? If so, what would be the procedure to (for example) get the DP-8000 to take in ArtNet Universe 4 from the media server and send it out as DMX on universe 4 of the RHFB?

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    The dp8000 and RHFB only output art-net. There are systems like pathport that do a great job of managing art-net. Also remember that many art-net nodes can merge data from multiple sources which may help you out.
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    The DP2000 can be loaded with new software and be used as a Artnet to DMX converter.
    If you get any laying around :)
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