Network Setup and Remote Focusing

ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
Up to now I have only used the HOG III with one DP 2000.

I want to make sure I understand network setups before I proceed.

My show setup will be a HOG III and a DP 2000.
However, for programming I want to add a HogPC on stage.
The room is in the round, and all aisles lead to the stage.
Therefore, it is hard to do aisle focus points from FOH.

So, for programming I plan on using
HOG III in "Use default IP setting" mode, and "Enable DHCP and Boot Server"

A 4 port router with wireless, with it's DHCP turned off

DP 2000 set to obtain IP via DHCP

All on Port 6600
HOG III as the show server and console 1
plugged into the router with a non-crossover.

HOG PC with Run Server off, as console 2
on the wireless.

When I'm done programming I go back to the crossover cable straight into the DP 2000.

Am I close?


  • eboxereboxer Registered User
    edited November 2010
    Sounds good to me.

    Just keep in mind to keep that the software on both the desk and the remote should be the same version.

    Personally I prefer to manually set the IP adresses and subnet myself, but that's just a preference- I like to know whats what and where.

    If this is a setup you feel you might be using in the future you should be alright just leaving this in tact rather than going back to the cross over.
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
    edited November 2010
    Thanks Eric.

    I plan on doing a test setup a couple weeks in advance too.
    That way I've got time to get comfortable with this.
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