Advise needed for Midi Control for HOG3 Console

ChrislimChrislim Registered User
All to al Pros

I really got no idea Working With MIDI Show Control
Pls advise me on setting the HOG3 Console for Midi show
Pls advise me on how to do marks for Audio file that
can trigger the HOG3 by Midi .
What MSC controller is good
Can the Midi from Audio Console trigger the HOG3

I am trying to use the Song that from a Audio Console setting Midi input to
HOG3 to trigger the Cue that I have program .



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Chris.

    Your best bet is to have your audio device output MIDI TimeCode (MTC). Then you can use Learn Timing on your cuelist to set the cue trigger times. Then every time the audio is played back and the timecode is received, the console will playback the cues perfectly timed with the audio. See the chapter 28 in the user manual for specifics on working with audio and timecode.

    MIDI Show Control (MSC) is generally used to trigger events on the console when you have a show control system that is capable of sending out MSC commands. Most Audio devices are not setup to do so.
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Chrislim wrote: »
    Can the Midi from Audio Console trigger the HOG3

    It depends on the audio console and what type of MIDI it is sending out. We use an Avid DigiDesign Profile to shoot MIDI notes to the Hog 3.

    Some audio consoles will also send out MSC (Midi Show Control) which is also supported on the Hog line. Some consoles only send out MMC (Midi Machine Control) which is not supported on the consoles. It all depends on the audio console.
  • ChrislimChrislim Registered User
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    Thanks to Brad & Jon

    It's a good start and you guys shown me the way .
    Will give it a try and will update you guys ASAP

    thanks for helping
  • ChrislimChrislim Registered User
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    I will be using the Yamaha Digital Console 01V96VCM able to output TIME CODE IN MTC
    Will be following the step in the user WholeHog lll_manual
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