IFCB Intensity issue

AndrisAndris Registered User
I'm running a Road Hog with latest build 3.1.7 and I'm running into a strange playback issue.
I have one master with a cue stack of positions and tracked intensity (100%) from cue 1 onward. I have another master with just 2 of the fixtures in a different position and color with intensity recorded @ 100%, and the fader set to IFCB.
When I have a cue active in master 1, bring the fader to zero, fade up master 2, everything fades in fine.
The problem happens when I fade master 2 down, as soon as I get below 95% or so, the lights snap to zero intensity while all the other parameters fade back to original values in master 1 all the way to the bottom of the fader travel.

Any insight into this? This problem seems similar to the HTP effects issue.


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited October 2010
    That is basically what this is. This is currently logged as Bug #10229.

    I have thrown a link to your post into the bug report. I don't believe there are any known workarounds to this problem other than to not track any intensity values in the first LTP list.
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