H2 Temperatures?

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Hey all,

Does anyone know what the normal operating temperature is for the hog 2 processors? What about the max?



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    The manual only talks about the screens and it says:
    The operating temperature range for the screens is 0 to 45 degrees Celsius (32 to 113 Fahrenheit.)

    I have seen these consoles used in all types of conditions, what temperatures will you be working in?
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    Hey Brad,

    It's not actually that I'm using a console in a harsh environment (though I have used piggies on festival type gigs where it's 110 in the day and 50 at night).

    I'm actually troubleshooting an issue we're having with something else that uses the same processor (without heat sink) as the hog 2. Since the hog 2 is WAY more common, I was thinking/hoping I might actually find someone that knew this from the hog 2 :-).
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    The Intel i960 was a relatively common embedded processor in its day. If you dig around enough you can probably find datasheets and specification manuals online. There were various speed and voltage grades available, so not having a heat-sink may be appropriate.


    Measuring semiconductor temps is surprisingly complex. Most manufacturers specific the Tj, which is the maximum junction temperature on the silicon die. But, you can't directly measure that, so you have to infer it from the package temp and a fair bit of math.

    If you think you have an overheating problem, position a fan to blow air through the chassis. If it helps, then you have may have a cooling system that is not longer working as it should.
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