Technobeam tilt problem helllp

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I just replaced 6 motors in one of my T-beams and everything works great...except the tilt, It acts as though it is trying to home but just kind of chatters and goes against the bottom stop it wont go to the top stop unless I help it. Changed the motor with a new spare I purchased and then traced the wire to the 3773 chip and traded the driver chip out with a known working one. Wondering what else this could be?? harness perhaps? Any ideas or help would be appreciated. thanks:headbang:


  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    You may have pinched the tilt/pan harness between the sled and the body of the fixture.
    I have seen this alot, especially right after a repair.
    Take a look at the harness right where it goes up into the head, and see if there are any marks from being pinched.
    Joshua Wood
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