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is there an upgrade for the projector to get 6000for DL2 and 7000 for dl3

What sort of projector are in it now


  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Stef,

    The most powerful projector that we ever shipped in DL.2 was the LX55 at 5500 lumens. There is no upgrade possible to 6000 lumens because Sanyo/Christie Digital never manufactured a projector that powerful that will fit in a DL.2.

    For DL.3, we just recently started shipping the Sanyo XP200 projector which is 7000 lumens. Upgrading to this new projector is very easy, and only requires swapping projectors and making sure the DL.3 software is fully up to date.

    Best regards,
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