common chases and fx

mynameiswolfmynameiswolf Registered User
Hey all,

Is there a good rescource for common chases and fx that a beginner could learn from?

Kicks are a good example of something common that I was not familiar with. I know your imagination is crucial, but I would love to learn some more starting points.

I have ordered Brad Schillers book on automated lighting programming, but would love to be able to read some stuff in the meantime online.




  • Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
    edited October 2010
    Brad's book is a good start. He lists 10 common chases in his book which is a good to know. the Light Network is also a good source of knowledge -

    Just use your imagination. Imagine what you want to create, then spend time brainstorming how to do it efficiently on the console. Don't be scared to try new things when you have the time.

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