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Mad MarshaMad Marsha Registered User
Hi All,
I've walked in to help on a gig.
They have two iPC'S running as Hog 2.
On one of them there is no Palette button.
I have never seen this before.
Any help?



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    Are you referring to the "Palettes" button that's usually in the top left corner of the left screen? That is a View Recall button. By default, it's setup to bring up the 4 palettes, but you can record a different view.

    If you need to bring up the palettes, hold down PIG and press a kind key. For example, PIG+Color will bring up the color palette.
  • Mad MarshaMad Marsha Registered User
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    Yes I do mean the soft key in the top left corner.

    The problem we have is that without that button hitting PIG+ anything the palette then only comes up on the right side screen.
  • erockerock Registered User
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    And then aren't you able to just move the window with the view buttons to the screen that you want it on?

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    As Eric said, you can use the window size and position buttons to move the windows where ever you want them. On 2pc these are the 10 buttons located below the Group/Focus/Color/Beam keys.

    You might want to work through the Quick Start section of the Hog2 manual. It will help you understand how to navigate the console more effectively.
  • Mad MarshaMad Marsha Registered User
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    Thanks guys,
    But no those things don't work hence the issue.
    Several very experienced Hog operators looked at it and none of us had seen it before or could find a work around.
    We decided to dump it and change to running 3 and all good.
    Was just more interested to see if anyone had this issue before.
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