Dumb question about Chases

jeffjamsjeffjams Registered User
I am pretty new to HOG PC and this is probably an elementry question, lol.

I use HOG 2PC at my church and we use all of our lights on q-lists. My question is what is an easy way to transition to a lighting scene to a chase. Right now I have a chase on a seperate q list. For Verse 1 I would like to be on a "static" lighting pattern and say maybe during a chorus part maybe rig it up so it'll chase.

Is this possible?

Thanks a ton in advance for all your help. You guys are awesome.


  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
    edited October 2010
    You can either set portions of a cue list to loop, which in effect makes a chase, or define the chase on a separate cue list, and start and stop it via a comment macro from the primary list, thus enabling the stack to run from the single "go" button.

    - Tim
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