Hard Drive issues

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When I boot up my AXON it says "No hard drives detected". When get into the CMA and click on the Stock Media Folder it says "Unable to connect to the remote server."

This machine came out of a club install but the machine has been constantly moved around from the Video Booth to a storage room, so the HD could've gotten shaken up a bit.

Please help, thanks.


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    Sounds like it is either a bad drive, or maybe even the SATA cable is unplugged from the drive or the motherboard.

    Worse case, is it could be a bad driver chip on the mother board.

    If you have a second axon, try swapping harddrives. That will help us nail down what's happening.
  • Terry MacTerry Mac Registered User
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    All SATA cables are plugged in. I don't have another AXON.

    I have a USB to SATA converter. I'll see if I can access the HD via USB from another machine.

    This machine is 9 months old. If the HD is bad do I call Tech Support for a replacement?
  • Terry MacTerry Mac Registered User
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    OK I'm in. It was the SATA cable end plugged into the HD. You guys might wanna check that out. Both of those cable ends that plug into the HD create a very tight fit. Sometimes the power end might knock the communication end out of its socket if the machine is going to be moved around.

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    Hi Terry,

    The "No Hard Drives Detected" message is actually completely normal. There are two different hard drive controllers on the motherboard and we only utilize one. What you are seeing with that message is the unused hard drive controller going through it's normal start-up routine. If there were truly no hard drives connected, the Axon would not boot at all. We only use one drive and that drive contains both the operating system/Graphics application and the content.

    The "Unable to Connect to the Remote Server" message you were receiving can be caused by many things. However, it sounds like the problem went away for the moment. I have serious doubts that the SATA connector had anything to do with the CMA issue.

    When you were having the issue, what was the network set up for the Axon? Was it stand-alone? Plugged into a larger network? Was that network running auto-ip (IP addresses such as 169.254.x.x) or DHCP? When you saw it working, had you changed anything in this network set-up?

  • David CopperFieldDavid CopperField Registered User
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    attach another hdd to your PC and check whether the problem remains .
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