HogNet & ArtNet through same switch?

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I was on a recent tour and my dimmer tech setup our data rack (we run our data rack on stage) with the DP8000 Artnet & Hognet outputs going through the same 10/100 switch, run as Hognet from F.O.H into switch then out to DP8000 he then run from the DP artnet output through the same switch then off to Video world, I personally would have thought there would have been a conflict but it worked fine and meant it was easier to switch the artnet between the A/B system without digging around in the back of the rack, is this a bad thing to do and can it cause any problems?


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    This can indeed cause issues for the DP8000 if the fixture link port and the hog net port are addressed in a similar address space which will result in the Art-net simply not working but it sounds like the address space you used was unique to both Hog-net and Art-net which should be fine.
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    I discuss this issue at length in the following thread:
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