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Has anyone had any luck interfacing show control with the Dataton Watchout? We are interested in either generating from or sending to the Full Boar.



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    From the Watchout Manual (Input - Hog triggering Watchout):

    DMX (This can be done with the Full Boar):
    WATCHOUT uses the computer network to receive DMX data using the Artnet protocol (see Many modern lighting consoles can send Artnet over an Ethernet network. In other cases, a DMX-to- Ethernet adapter must be used. In either case, you need to know the DMX channel number(s) to be used for WATCHOUT, as well as the Artnet Universe number used to send those channels.

    Inputs can be used to control some parameters of cues, similar to the way tween tracks are used. This provides external control over the Opacity, Volume, Fade, Color and Tint parameters. To use this capability, first add the desired type of tween track to the cue, then click the formula button located in the header area of the tween track. You may need to click the triangle in the tween track header to reveal the formula button. Some tween tracks have multiple controllable parameters.

    MIDI Notes (FB cannot do this...only MSC out and MIDI Notes IN)


    Watchout can output DMX and it basically controls that DMX address. It does not trigger the Hog.

    UDP/TCP - Hog does not support this
    Serial - Hog does not support this

    If you want Watchout to trigger the Hog, you should look at an external box that can interpret Serial strings or UDP/TCP messages to MSC or MIDI Notes. The Watchout string triggers external box which sends message to Hog. I use Interactive Technologies Cueserver's a lot for things like this.
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    Does anyone have the fixtures library
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