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Hi all,

New to the forum, and pretty much joined to ask for help on this topic.
I am a newish hog user, but have been doing more and more shows on it lately. I'm 100% fine with creating movement efx, intensity efx etc. but when it comes to colour, i'm just lost.

With CMY moving fixtures what is the best way to create colour efx that just go colour 1 colour 2 1 2 and on and on?
Do I have to set certain parameters to 'Track' on the efx window? When I start the effect, then try and change the colour the effect stops - but when I set the colour first, the colours the effect creates is different to what I set.

With colour wheel moving fixtures would I be right to say using a step effect then adjusting the 'size' and 'offset' to choose colours is the best way to create the 1,2,1,2 efx?

LED RGB fixtures is just another ball game completely right? Should I be working with RGB or the Hue/Saturation when it comes to making these effects? again does tracking play a part? Then how about when want to offset the between fixtures, but not change the colour.

I think I could be over thinking and i'm sure someone will set me straight in a few words, but any advice or comment would be greatly appreciated.


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    Color can get confusing sometimes. The first thing I always do i pick which way I plan on color mixing and usually comes down to CMY or HSI- I find that unless I have all RGB fixture its not worth my time to use it. Once you choose a color mixing method (and choose only one for both palettes and effects) stick with it. You can sometimes get unexpected jitters when you transition.

    The next thing to keep in mind is that CMY is subtractive, so magenta - yellow is red. If you start off with all three wheels in an effect, you essentially black out the fixture. Does that make sense?

    When you were talking about setting a color before an effect you have set the effect to use that color as a base. Lets say you set a fixture in cyan, and then just add the yellow wheel in an effect. Rather than going from yellow to white, you end up cyan to green. So if you dont want that base color make sure to knockout that color before you create the effect or if youre not using that color in the effect just set it to off.

    The offset parameter in the FX window is how you would offset from other params, and offset based on the selected fixtures. So, if you wanted to create a simple rainbow you would set your color wheels to sine with say 10 cycles per second. Leave your cyan at an offset of 0. Set your magenta at 120 and yellow at 240. You should now have all your fixtures running through a very basic rainbow. if you hold the fan key and rotate the offset encoder wheel you will now offset the effect from fixture to fixture.

    When you set a param to track it will keep the value already in place when the effect runs.
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