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I have a dl3 that will not show up in cma. I have the latest version of cam and the xp embedded software installed (respectively).

I am using a net book with windows 7 32bit, a link sys router. I can see the dl3 attached to the router in the routers configuration page, I can even ping the dl3 from command prompt. But it will not show up in cma.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Have you got the same version of software on both the DL3 and your machine with the CMA?
    Can you plug your laptop directly into the DL3 using a crossover cable or does it show up.
    Have you got access to a switch rather than a router?

    just a few things to start with.

  • It jewIt jew Registered User
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    I have access to a switch, but i thought i needed a router to hand out DHCP addresses to the DL3? I can ping the DL3 using either a standard cat5 cable or a crossover, makes no difference.

    Im downloading the newest dl3 software for the DL3, Maybe this will make the difference.
  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Aaron,

    A router is not absolutely required to see the DL.3 in the CMA. If no router is present both your laptop and the DL.3 will automatically assign themselves an IP address (something like 169.254.x.x). A router can be necessary at times, however, such as trying to run a DL.3 via ArtNet control depending on the set-up.

    One thing to check, aside from what Cormac already suggested, is to make sure your Windows firewall is turned off. The settings for the firewall can be found in the Control Panel. The Windows firewall blocks the "Discovery" information that the DL fixtures send out, which will make the DL fixtures never show up in the CMA.

  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Here's a link to the older versions of the CMA if indeed you are running
    an older or newer version than your fixture has.
    Changing the CMA software is going to much easier if your under time pressure than upgrading the DL3 software which can be tricky sometimes.

    As Matts has said Switch not a router and all firewalls/virus protection off.

    Good luck C
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