sACN ?

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Anyone ho will explain what E1.31. sACN is ? :dunno:


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    What is sACN?
    sACN, or Streaming ACN, is an informal name for the E1.31 Streaming Protocol released by ESTA, the Entertainment Services Technology Association.

    The sACN protocol is based upon a simplified usage of the full ACN standard, and is designed to provide a bridge from proprietary DMX-like TCP/IP protocols currently in use to the full ACN standard, which is backwards compatible with older lighting equipment with lower processing power

    At the time of writing the E1.31 standard is still in draft; sACNView will be revised and updated as necesary when the standard is complete. However, the program is useful as of now as many manufacturers including ETC, Wybron and Pathway already support sACN to the current draft in their equipment.
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    HI jon..

    thanks.. if i under stand it right it a "back reply" from fixture ?..medie servers etc.. ?

    But what cant i use it for in the Hog3 ?
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    Right now, it's basically a way to transport DMX over Ethernet. It's is not a talk-back system as of yet.

    Once RDM takes off on both the fixture side and the console side, it should be available for talk-back.
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    See my comments in this thread for an explanation of what sACN/E1.31 is:

    What's changed since that was posted is that ETC has now updated their Net3 software to work with the final version of E1.31. That means if you have an ETC Net3 system you can directly connect your DP8000 or Full Boar to it and use the Net3 system for DMX distribution.
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