Advanced Parameter Filtering for Values and Timing

z6p6tist6z6p6tist6 Registered User
It would be great to have some sort of advanced filter window for recording timing and parameters, much like an extended version of 'Use I', 'Use P', etc.

I could envision this as a single button on the bottom toolbar ('Use X' ?) that would enable a temporary pop-up or pop-over set of radio buttons (kind of like what you get when a temporary slotted set appears on screen) for every recordable parameter.

By selecting/deselecting each of these buttons, you could very specifically record subsets of the values in the programmer.

I think that these would act in cooperation with the current 'Use' buttons. i.e. If I selected 'Use P' while these were selected, I would see all of the Position parameters selected, which I could then selectively disengage. (For instance, I could easily choose to only record Pan to a palette or cue.)

You could also use the same window in conjunction with a 'Use Time Only' toggle, which would allow the same type of operation, but only recording time values to the selected parameters without updating the actual parameters.

I think the important thing is that this would not have to change the top-level simplicity. A novice user could ignore this feature forever and it would not have to change the operation of the console.




  • eboxereboxer Registered User
    edited August 2010
    I like. The one thing that would bug me is if im recoding the time for multiple params a lot. Maybe something in the command line where you append each param with time (a few more keystrokes (1), or just have the time button escape the param buttons for a modified syntax (2)

    [Record] [Cue] 1 [color] [time] 2 [position] [time] 3 [beam] [time] 1

    [Record] [Cue] 1 [time] [color] 2 [position] 3 [beam] 1

    the second one already flows with how the programming works as is your just adding extra parameters.
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