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I'm looking for an easy way of copying single parameters from one fixture to another or from a group to another group, especially single parameters under "Beam", for example the zoom or frost value.
I cannot find a way to copy not all of the beam parameters (gobos etc.), but sure there is one ?? :confused:

kind regards
Tommi Bernhardt


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    The easiest way to copy individual parameters between fixtures might be by right-clicking in the appropriate cell of a programmer window and copying, then pasting that to other fixtures in the same manner.

    I believe this will work for any parameter.

    Section 15.3.8 lays out the various ways to copy parameters using the command line.

    So, based on the recommendation of the manual, the other (or maybe best) way to do this is as follows...

    (This assumes none of these fixtures are currently in your programmer.)

    If you want to copy Zoom from fixture 1 to fixtures 2-5:

    - Select fixture 1
    - 'Touch' or 'Pig+Touch' the Zoom wheel
    - Type 'Copy 2 THRU 5 Enter'

    This will copy any values which are in the programmer for the selected fixture.

    Please let me know if you need any clarification on this.


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    Dear Phil,
    thanks for you reply. I also thought that copy and paste with the mouse would be the easiest way, but somehow it doesn't seem to work in Hog3PC (ver. 3.1.6). Is there a special trick to allow the paste operation?

    "pig+touch"+zoom wheel sounds promising - I will give it a try...

    Kind regards
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    Also on Hog3PC, I got no luck with "pig+touch" + zoom wheel, before I'm able to click on the wheel, the whole fixture got "touched".
    I will work with a Full Boar tomorrow, so I will give it another try.
    Any other ideas in the meantime? I'm still not able to copy and paste with a right click in the editor sheet of Hog3PC, because copy is greyed-out...:sad2:
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