replacing wash fixtures in a show

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i have a show that runs on a Hog IPC running Hog 2 os. The show has 46 mac600nt's that need to be replaced with Mac700 wash fixtures. Just checking a theory..... can i write a profile for the 700's so the ipc still thinks they are 600nt's so i don't have to reprogram?



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    The Hog 2 family doesn't support changing fixture types. You might get something that half-works if the DMX protocol for the two fixtures is very similar, but you're probably out of luck.

    Your best bet might be to send the showfile into support. They can convert your Hog2 show into a Hog3 show, and you can use the Change Type feature of the Hog3.
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    Quite a while ago there has been a macro around that does fixture replacement in the HOG 2.
    Will have a look if I find the resource.

    OK FOUND IT (sometimes it is so close)

    German Operator Roland Greil did this.

    Maybe he has still some old disk around with the macros on it (he switched to HOG3 ;- ) )
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    if you have the time and don't have the show clone macro.
    You can manually clone your show.
    Start by cloning your pallettes.
    For example
    load colour pallette 1
    201 thru 246(Mac 700 wash's) pig copy(which is clone from) 101 thru 146(your Mac 600's) enter update.
    You have now cloned pallette 1.
    You need to do this for every pallette you have you used in the show.

    Then start with your cuelists.Same syntax
    load cue 1,group 1 (mac700) pig copy (group2) enter update.

    The macros that are being talked about use groups to automate the button pushs and automatically load entire selected cuelists.

    I reckon three hours and you will be done.

  • harlton2000harlton2000 Registered User
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    i was able to write a profile for the 700's to except programing for the mac600nt's

  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    As a word of advice do some pre-programming and see if all the parameters work,if your running a show with a fix lib that is unstable it is very easy for the console to fall over.

    Best C
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