DL2 Christie LX50 Projectors

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Good morning.

We have one DL2 that has its output shifted to a yellow hue. Color images are all fine but it looks as though the lamp is 3200k while the other units are at 6500k.

A new lamp provided no different in color temperature. I have cleaned the glass & front zoom lens. Despite the large amount of filtering I would believe it could be a bit of oil from one of the crackers somewhere in the optic path. Before diving any deeper I would like some advise.

Any ideas????



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    Is it possible you're missing the entire blue color component? If you feed it colorbars as a test pattern do you get any output on blue?
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    Thats the strange thing about it. I do have full color.

    Its like the projector has a bit of cto in front of it. Blueing up this projector to match reduces the lumen output too much. Maybe the cable has a fault. I will try swapping the red & blue at both ends to see if it follows

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    With the age, it might be that the polarizers need changing.
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