More@@@@techno issues!!

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edited September 2010 in HES Automated Lighting
Frost Lighting has owned 6 Technobeams since '99, one unit is displaying the 0000- four circled asterisks @ startup, no boot, no starting reset. Read through the other T-Beam issue threads. Incoming power switches are correct. Pulled all drivers no remedy. Disconnected the diode transorb. . .no remedy. I have good 5v logic @vcc on all 3773 drivers. I have 32v @ Vmm motor volts in. Absolutely nothing at the motor outputs. But that kind of makes sense since with no boot the drivers arent told to output anything. Anyone have any Idea where the enable for the boot may be failing. Unit will NOT accept crossload.. I am aware of Chris Litz's response to anther similar issue stating that the PCB needs to be reprogrammed. I have a Widget on hand, Any advice as to how i would upload software using the widget would be appreciated. Is the processor even turning on when the LED is reading blank?? Is High end staff still offering support for these or is it a Strong issue???


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