dp 2k with RHFB

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hi Gents,
what should I have to watch if I have a dp 2k on artnet wants to control.with a RHFB Console.?What settings do you have to?
What is better to control a dp ,artnet or hog net?:hogsign:


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    The DP-2K makes a exellent ArtNet to Native DMX Output on the Fixture net from a RHFB.
    All the processing power you need is in the RHFB.

    Make sure to run the latest software and see the manual section: 12.4.3

    12.4.3 Using a DMX Processor 2000 in Art-Net Mode
    A DMX Processor 2000 running version 3.0 or greater software includes a mode that
    allows you to change the DMX Processor 2000's mode to operate as a standard Art-Net
    node. When in this mode the display will be inverted and the unit will receive Art-Net
    input via the Ethernet jack and output four universes of DMX as configured through
    the DMX Processor 2000's front panel.
    To change a DMX Processor 2000 into Art-Net mode:
    1. Main → Control Panel : navigate to the Control Panel on the DMX Processor
    2000 front panel.
    2. Select Mode from the bottom menu of the Control Panel. You will be
    prompted to reboot the DMX Processor 2000.
    3. Once rebooted the DMX Processor 2000 will accept only Art-Net input
    (not Hog-Net). Use the front panel to configure the Art-Net input and
    DMX output; see Configuring the Fixture Link's Art-Net Settings (p.91).
    To switch the DMX Processor 2000 back to standard mode, change the mode in the
    Control Panel in the same manner as above.
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