HOG IPC hard drive file retreival

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I recently had to install an upgrade kit on a churches Hog IPC.
The mother board was the only problem, but was forced (due to lack of original mother boards) to have the church purchase an upgrade kit which includes motherboard, processor, memory, and new hard drive. Since the new setup uses a sata drive, the old hard drive had to be discarded and I purchased an external case for it so I could pull the show files from it and load them onto the new system.
After attaching the old HD to my laptop which by the way is XP, I was not able to find the show files at all. After calling Mitch Peoples, he informed me that the files are not all in one file folder but spread out all over the place.
Anyone had to do this and have a solution for getting the show files.
It was suggested to put the HD in a console and then do a backup.
Well, can't do that as the console now has the sata drive connections and cannot connect the older HD. So with all this said, there must be a way to do this being as the IPC is windows XP and is in essence a PC. And I have an XP PC.


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    You will most likely have to launch from a backup file on the new system.
    You DO have backup files right?
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    The shows are stored on a separate partition from the OS. If you can access that partition, then you may be able to recover your shows.

    Each active showfile is stored in a folder with thousands of small files.
    Each backup (archived) show is stored as a compressed .hog3.tar.gz.

    If you find the archived shows you want, you can just copy the .hog3.tar.gz files to the new console.

    If you don't have archive files, then it's a bit more complicated. We don't allow you to move uncompressed show folders around, and the console won't access show folders from removable media. You can try installing Hog3PC on your computer. Point 3PC to the show folder and launch the show. From there you can create a backup for the console. If the computer thinks your external case is a removable drive, then you may need to connect the drive directly to an IDE channel on your PC.

    Again, none of this is officially supported. Hopefully it will work for you, but there's no guarantee. If you have shows that you care about on your console, you should regularly back them up to external media.
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    As I rule, I always back up show files. I own and operate Hog systems. I have Hog 3 and 2 PC. When I went to the church to trouble shoot their problem, I asked if they had backups and they looked at me like the RCA dog. So not my problem that they don't have backups, but did tell them they need to do them.
    However, I have all my show files on my computers that run Hog PC and the folders have show names and all contents of the folder are all in one folder together. Why in the H#$% would you not have it the same way on an IPC which in essence is an XP computer in a different case. Even the playback program wings are contected via USB cables inside. Is there some reason the guys building this stuff make it harder than it has to be?
    I will try and connect it and run my Hog 3 PC and through it try and access the show file.
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    JeffM;48812 said:
    Hog PC and the folders have show names and all contents of the folder are all in one folder together. Why in the H#$% would you not have it the same way on an IPC
    Shows are stored the same way.

    You may be able to get a drag-copy of a show folder to work on a different console, but we recommend against it. That's why I suggested using 3PC to create proper backups. If you elect to go the drag copy route, you'll want to use the exact same software version if possible.

    BTW: Many of "the guys building this stuff" read this forum. A little politeness and common courtesy goes a long way.
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    I am on a show this week in Reno and when I return home, I will try accessing the HD again through my Laptop which does BTW have Hog 2 and 3 on it. Latest release and archive all previous releases in case of necessity to use them.
    After going into every sub folder available on the HD last week; I found no folder with the show name on it.
    So if the norm is to be the same as when dealing with show folders between Hog PC and IPC, then either the folder got trashed somehow or it is hidden.
    Not sure where I was impolite or not courteous.
    And I am happy that the guys creating this stuff are reading this.
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