Having a back-up console at a show...how to make both run together

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I recently just picked up a 2nd road hog console and was told by another freelancer that I can have both consoles running at the same time so in an instance if a console where to fail, in a few seconds, I could have the 2nd console running.

I'm curious what ways can I have both of my consoles running simultaneously or at least have the 2nd console ready to go within seconds. Copying over the show file onto the 2nd console after I'm done programming the show? Is there a way to connect both consoles?



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    RoadHog´s not FullBoar´s right? If so, this is one way what you can do:
    - Get the MIDI Widget (M-Audio UNO) for both consoles
    - Load same show in both consoles
    - Connect MIDI out of MAIN to MIDI in on SECONDARY
    - Get a DMX A/B Switch
    Now the SECONDARY will follow anything you do on the main, if something happens you switch the DMX switch over...

    As a note there is a major software update in the end of this year who will offer Tracking Network backup on the Fullboar and HOG III.
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    any network tracking backup on the IPC ?
  • Abbe RPM Digital LightingAbbe RPM Digital Lighting Registered User
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    With current HOG III software 3.1.6 you can work with any of the Hardwareplattforms in the same showfile. This means that you can parallelprogram the same lights in "as many consoles as you need".
    When they are connected over HogNet.

    The MIDI Tracking should work on IPC as well. ( I have not tested that personally...)

    Network Tracking back-up is one of the great new features we plan to release later his year.

    I am pretty sure Eric or any of the other masters can give more detail if you need.
  • robbie_brucerobbie_bruce Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Any network capable controller will support tracking backups which includes Hog III, Fullboar, iPC, and even Hog3PC.

    On a side note for IPC, we will stop supporting dual bootup into Hog II/III starting in the next major release of 3.2. You will to reimage with the current version if that is what you need.

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    Doug Fleenor makes a box that you plug both consoles DMX into and then run DMX out to the lights. It allows both consoles to be running at the same time and if one drops out, just start using the other one.
    I can tell you in all my many years, I have never had a console crap out during a show.
    Have had them be working fine one day then turn off, come in the next morning and it crap out booting up or take a dump in the middle of programming, but never during show playback.
    Maybe have just been lucky all these years. A lot of it has to do with how you take care of your gear. Some are really rough on their stuff and also don't clean out the memory from time to time. If you fill your memory to capacity, you tend to have potential for lockups and failures. On consoles this is more the case than with the IPC or PC versions of Hog as the ram,memory, and processing on a laptop or tower is leaps and bounds greater than the consoles.
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