Need help

McBainMcBain Registered User
Hey guys.

I'm kinda new to this and used to using Elation software/hardware so please be patient.

I'm having two problems.
Firstly, I cant assign my usb widget a universe. I think that's why I cant communicate with my lights. (despite the link being up and running)

My event is a dance party kinda thing. Ultimately I just want to be able to set the lights to make up their own mind and run based on the music (like I can do with elation)

any thoughts you guys can give me would be HUGELY appreciated.



  • McBainMcBain Registered User
    edited July 2010
    Ok, I think I have found the problem to the first issue. I need to be using HogII.

    Either way, can any one help with problem number 2?
  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited July 2010
    Sorry but the Hog does not have any kind of sound activation. You will have to program what you want the lights to do and then you can have the cuelists run as a chase and use the (randon) as a chase direction. This will make it look more ramdom when its played back. Good luck.
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