Studio Spot 250 Heat Issue

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I have a studio spot 250 V 1.4 that seems to be overheating
We had it setup outside over the weekend and it operated for about an hour and then gave a LITE TOUT ERR message
It was about 80 to 90 outside that night with high humidity
im guessing it just got too hot
the other spot 250 blew a driver chip, U18
not sure if this happened that night or the previous weekend
so i cant compare operating temps

i tested the working but overheating unit tonight for about an hour
the Head Temp got as high as 75C
the fan in the head is working and is moving air but im not sure how well its working
when i remove the head cover over the optics the temp will immediately start to drop and go below 68C

im guessing im not getting enough air flow
could this be a weak fan?
Can anyone suggest anything else to check on the unit?
it didnt shut off in the hour i was using it but its also no where near as hot and humid in the building or even outside as it was friday
can someone give me the specs on the fan in the head so i can try and source a local replacement part?
Also, is there a higher CFM fan that can be put in the head? these 2 spots get used in texas heat alot and i want to ensure they are kept as cool as possible



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    I believe the the light would give you an actuall temp error if it was over heating. The light tout error could be alot of things such as a bad lamp or ballast, etc. You usually get that error when trying to strike a hot lamp. There is an error which I belive is HOT that shows an over heat condition. Also don't forget about the fan in the base, I believe there is a little screen in front of it so it can get clogged pretty easily. The base fan is important because that's where pretty much all the electronics are. Also make sure your power is clean.
  • mackintheboxmackinthebox Registered User
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    from what i read in the manual the TOUT error actually means that the fixture or bulb is too hot to restrike the lamp

    this is explained in the manual for the studio spot 250

    it has not happened since that one weekend, which was one of the hottest weekends of the year
    pretty sure it was heat related
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