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Hey all,

Let me try to give a general explanation of what I would like to accomplish.

Lets say I start a cue list and have a chase of 2 par cans. So my first cue is par can 1 on and par can 2 set at zero. Then my second cue is Par can 2 on and par can 1 set at 0.

Now lets say I add a stage wash in cue 3 and a different look in cue 4. Is there anyway to have the chase continue throughout the rest of the cuelist but have my cuelist remain on cue 3 until I go to cue 4?

Sorry, having a hard time explaining. Basically I want a chase to continue through a whole cuelist but don't want the entire cuelist to be part of a chase.




  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You will either need to create an effect that does what the chase does or you will need to make the chase be on its own master. If it is on its own master then you can trigger it to turn on/off with comment macros. This a very common way to do this and in fact you do not even have to have the chase on a fader, it can be a "virtual master" and only exist in the cuelist directory.

    Details of the above items can be found in the user manual / on-line help.
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