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I'm on a show with 8 DL2s and an Axon. The Axon is used for content preview and loading user content to the DL2s. I have a few gigs of content already cloned from the Axon to the DL2s and throughout tech I need to add more.
I am constantly copy&pasting the new folders from the Axon to each DL2 and then setting the DMX info for each, not too fun. Now I could just re-clone content but it would take forever, not fun or time efficient either.
Can a feature be implemented into the CMA to just add new content to all fixtures preserving the DMX info without deleting everything and reloading all files over again?


  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The CMA should already be smart enough such that if you add content to the end of what is already there, and then clone the content, only the new content will be cloned. For instance, if you have folders 41-45 already there, and add two new folders, 46 and 47, it will only clone 46 and 47.

    This only works for content added to the end, however. If you already have folders 41-45, and then insert a folder in the middle, say at 43 and move the rest of the folders (44 and 45) down by one, the CMA will re-clone everything.

    Have you tried doing a clone after adding content to the end? If so, have you seen different results?
  • AndrisAndris Registered User
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    You know, I haven't tried it, since the manual never mentions that behavior.
    It tells me that when you clone content, everything on the destination servers is deleted and replaced.
    Yes, I am adding content to the end of what is already there so this should work.
    Thanks Matt, I figured it should do it, but didn't want to face the 3 hour clone process if it didn't work as I hoped...
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    I wanted to throw a sidenote in on this...

    Doesn't this only works on the PC CMA. On the Mac CMA, content cloning requires cloning EVERYTHING again (or at least that was the way it was recently).

    Has this changed?
  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You are correct. This only works with the PC CMA.
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