Hog 1000 Questions

spld2spld2 Registered User
I usually use a HOG iPC but will be using a 1000 for a one off tomorrow. I spent some time messing with the 1000 today and got stuck on 2 things. I checked the manual but was still unable to achieve what I ws trying to do. Any memory jogging you can provide would be appreicated....

1. Attribute time editing. I built a stack and wanted to add a delay in position and color. I selected the fixtures, pressed [ENTER] [TIME], used the arrows to go to what I wanted to modify, pressed [SET] [5] [ENTER] and nothing.... I know it can be done, I just couldn't get it to work.

2. IPCB faders. I wanted to create an IPCB fader for a color scroll and pattern scroll. I selected the fxtures, set them to a medium color roll and recorded COLOR only to a fader. I then went to the list options and set set it to IPCB. When I went to check it I was unable to ramp the speed in relation to the fader location, it went to final speed the moment the fader left zero. The same when I did this with the pattern scroll. I was able to do it with position (fly out). I'm sure it is a simple setting but for the the life of me I can't remember.

Thanks, in advance, for fixing the bug that is betwen the seat and the console....
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