Setting a base level in effects chase?

Richard RasmussenRichard Rasmussen Registered User, Hog Beta
Right when I'm feeling good about my Hog skills a simple thing stumps me. I'm trying to set a base level in an effects chase and also never let the chase dip below that base level? Here's what I have done and failed. I have an effects chase running in one cue. simple chase with 50 par can chasing from one side of stage to the other with a small effect length so only a few lights are on at a time. I have intencity set at nothing and effect size set at 100. It's running just how I want it. The gaffer said I love now just set a base level of 30% so they are all on at 30% and never dip below that while the chase is going. I tried many ways to try to accomplish this. The best way was run another master with them all at 30% that worked but the problem is after the chase comes up to full it dips down to 0% momentarily. I tried priority, I tried writing it all in the effect cue and I can't seem to get it not to dip back down to 0%. How do you guys hand this?
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  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Effect waveforms usually give positive and negative values.
    So, if FX size is 100 the values given are from -100 to 100
    if you want an effect (using sine) which stays between 30% and 100% the size is 35 and the base is between 30 and 100 which is 65.
  • Richard RasmussenRichard Rasmussen Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I tried it the way you suggested but it didn't give me the desired effect. It set my base level too high. I just needed to figure out how to keep all the lights(not chasing) at 30% and never dip below that when the chase went thru. I ended up throwing all the lights on a separate cue stack and making it HTP and running them at 30%. Thanks for the response
  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Well... I remembered the FX size wrong... size 70 gives values from -70 to the correct size is 35. Though, I'm not sure if it's what you are looking for.
  • stacherastachera Registered User
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    Trying setting the intensity on the pars at 30%+effect, using a Mark-Off. Pars shouldn't go below 30%, but will increase with the effect according to the effect size.
  • RomainRomain Registered User
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    You'r wanting to have all par cans at 30% and a few of them going up to full in a chase ?

    For that effect, I would use two masters with HTP priority. The first one with all pars at 30% and the second one with your sine effect. The effect will make the pars drop to 0% because of the effect size but the first master will prevent them from going black.
  • bushmv1bushmv1 Registered User
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    I had the same issue the other week and resorted to the second HTP playback approach to resolve. However, problem I have now is 'how do I macro this second HTP playback on and off as required in the main cuelist?'

    Surely, there's a way of achieving this effect within one cue.
  • bushmv1bushmv1 Registered User
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    Sorry, in addition to last post...

    Yes, 'Mark On' and 'Mark Off' effects do work for this but I want a Sine effect shape.
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    Let's start over.

    Effects are mathematically added to a parameters existing value.
    The Size of the Effect is added and subtracted from the effect.

    You have Intensity at 50%.
    Applying a Sine wave at Size 10% would make the Intensity go from 40 to 60%

    So for your case you want the Intensity to go from 30% to 100%.
    That means an Intensity swing of 70%.
    Which means an Effect size of 35% (half of the 70% swing).

    But the Intensity has to be in the middle of that swing.
    30% + 35% = 65%.

    Set your Intensity at 65%.
    Apply an Effect like Sine at Size 35%

  • bushmv1bushmv1 Registered User
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    Thank you. Makes perfect sense now.
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