My wiches to The Wholehog III

marcosilvaldmarcosilvald Registered User, Hog Beta
I wrote This to Brad Schiller a few months ago.

"For your information I'm a Lighting Designer/Director from Portugal.
My work is centered on TV Lighting and Live Concerts.
It's been 10 years now, since I work with Wholehog consoles and I've been
quite faithfull along the path.
I've been watching other manufacturers realease theyre consoles, and seen
some powerfull features, other less, but Wholehog platform pleases me,
and that is important for me, wen I program a show.
I must tell you that the last improvements to the software have been great,
and a Road Hog Full boar is enough for me, to Light a show off any type.
It's been sad to see the wholehog, loosing so many users to other manufacturers.
I respect, that in our days, every designer has so many choices in therms of
lighting boards, that this could be the explanation, if I didn't knew the hips
that HES has been passing.
Steel, I have my hopes that you guys, can be contemporary with the competition.
Meaning that, Wholehog doesn't have to be like others, but must be renewed to do
what the others are doing, if I, has user, wanted to.

And I want:

- A Graphical fx's Engine with points like A, B, C, D... that could be positioned on a screen, and
moved with the finger to creat a path of Pan and Tilt for example.
I would like to build an effect not using values, but a curve or point A to B on a screen, were
this could be apliable to P/T, Color or Beam parameters.

- New movement fx on the fx window (half circles etc...)

- Color coding for fixtures ( it would be great to atribute a color to each parameter or group square )

- Graphical improvements showing Gobo design and colors for selected fixtures on the parameters window.

- Show saving on console more fast (Solid State Drive perhaps)

- Screens resolution configuration, (higher resolutions hability)

- A preview software for preprograming shows offline.

- A new arm rest "pillow" on the console.

- Artnet/Ethernet ports on the console allowing bidirectional info change bettwin console and fixtures.
patching a fixture from the console would be great.

Having shared my thoughts with you Brad, and let me say that you're name
have been familiar to me since 1996, I respect your work and your contributions to this industry.
I'm interested on knowing the next improvements, on the Wholehog Software, and if any
of my thoughts will come true.

As I told you, Wholehog Is my favorite console, but the industry favorites change with the
evolution of the technology, on this case, hardware and software, and I like to be part of
that evolution.

Thanks for Reading,"


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited June 2010
    Hi Marco,

    I sent you a detailed reply via email right after you sent this to me. Did you receive the email?
  • marcosilvaldmarcosilvald Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited June 2010
    Yes Brad. Just wanted to share my thoughts with all the Hog users.
  • ROBCOLROBCOL Registered User
    edited June 2010
    Can you post me this email i,m very interesting to know what brad say..........
  • marcosilvaldmarcosilvald Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited June 2010
    But Brad gently replied to my tasks, and hopefully they will come true on the next software releases.
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited June 2010

    The short answer for Marco's wishes is that most are on our current list of things to do. Several of his items are part of the next major release and the rest are on the roadmap after that.

    We always like to receive input from users and we use this data to further determine the roadmap and priorities.
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