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Hey guys. I need to update our Hog but need some help. Here is the situation: The church that I work for bought a RoadHog brand new in August of 09. At the time of purchase, we thought the system was fully updated. However, it was not until last month that we realized that our system was way out of date (Version 1.3.4 or something). So I called High End and talked to a technician. He said that I would have to upgrade the packet (to Version 3._._) and the software. He also said I would loose all of my pallettes since I am upgrading the packet from Version 1 to Version 3.

If possible, could someone please give me detailed instructions on how to do this. I know all the upgrades are available from online, but I am worried about upgrading the packet to Version 3. Also, will I loose all my palettes? Thanks guys. I hope this makes sense.



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    Sounds like you're looking at the wrong version number. The Road Hog isn't even capable of running version 1.3.4 of the Hog software (or any 1.3.x version for that matter). If you're seeing a 1.3.x version, then it's probably the XPe Operating system version number.

    On the Road Hog, you have a separate version numbers for the operating system (sometimes called the XPe image) and for the Hog3 application software. The RH originally shipped with 2.something of the Hog3 application.

    You should have no trouble loading shows created on 2.x versions of the application under version 3.1.6 (The current version). Just make sure you backup any shows you care about to a USB stick before doing the upgrade.
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    Sorry for the wrong version number. I am not around the Hog right now and I figured it was the wrong version number. I apologize for my mistake. You are correct about the XPe Image version number. I am not sure of the exact number, but i know that it is old. The technician told me that I need to load the new XPe image first before i load the new software. Is this correct?
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    > The technician told me that I need to load the
    > new XPe image first before i load the new
    > software. Is this correct?

    You can run newer software on older versions of the XPe image, but you may run into some odd issues. It's usually best to install the latest version of the XPe operating system first.
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    Thanks Eric. One last question, I have downloaded the new XPe image and the new software version off the website. How do I upload these to the RoadHog? I am assuming that I just hit software update on the start-up screen and select the XPe image file from the flash drive. Once this is downloaded, I select the software version file off the flash drive. Are these steps correct?
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    Check out page 361 of the current manual.

    The Road Hog console system restore routine can restore the original software or upgrade the XPe image from external USB drives (Flash, CD, ZIP). Newer versions of software may be available at www.flyingpig.com.

    To restore your system files from a USB drive, you’ll need:
    • Road Hog System Restore image on a USB drive (flash, CD, or Zip drive).
    The image must be an ISO image properly extracted to a CD or bootable flash drive; see Creating a Bootable USB Flash Drive (p.363).
    • USB Keyboard.

    To restore the system files:
    1. Connect the USB keyboard to the console.
    2. Connect the USB drive containing the System restore image.
    3. As the system boots up, press F8 on the keyboard to display the boot
    device selection screen.
    4. Select the USB device that contains the system restore image from the
    5. A recovery screen will prompt you to select a Full or Partial recovery.
    A full recovery will erase the show files on the hard drive and a partial
    will not.
    6. The console will immediately begin drive restoration. The process may
    take anywhere from 10-15 minutes, and will automatically reboot your
    console when finished. Do not touch any keys or attempt to interrupt
    the restore process. If the process is interrupted for any reason, simply
    reboot and return to Step 1 to ensure the Road Hog console is com-
    pletely restored.
    7. Once the system is restored and rebooted, remove the System Restore
    USB drive and store in a safe place.
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    When i hold down F8 it prompts me to select the USB flash drive. I do this but it never prompts me to do a partial or full restore. I can select RoadHog System Restore from boot manager and then it gives me a prompt to do a partial restore, but no full restore. And, when i do the partial restore, it goes through the process but does not update my XPe image.
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    Are you sure that you made your USB drive "bootable" before you expanded the Zip file onto it?

    Hope this helps. :)
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